Separately Managed Accounts

  • Yet Another Year of Bullish Emerging Markets Calls? Why This Time Is Indeed Different

    Exogenous factors often knock well-positioned markets temporarily off track, sometimes repeatedly. But dislocated share prices ultimately re-align with business fundamentals, earnings growth and attractive valuations.

  • Top Ten Reasons Emerging Markets Poised to Rally in 2020

    After false starts in the last few years, we believe emerging markets are set to deliver strong performance in the year to come thanks to accelerating and broad-based drivers.

  • Despite “Phase One,” U.S.-China Trade Dispute Likely to Linger

    As “strategic competitors,” bilateral friction won’t go away anytime soon, but extensive economic integration and shared interests should facilitate longer-term accords and investment.

Thornburg Investment Management has, since 1998, served investors through a diverse series of separately managed accounts offered to high net worth individuals and institutions. To ensure consistency, the separate account strategies are managed with the same bottom-up, disciplined investment process that has guided Thornburg’s portfolios for more than three decades.

Our equity portfolios are driven by fundamental, bottom-up research. We are disciplined, long-term investors with diversified, concentrated portfolios. Read more about our equity investment process.

We view the role of bonds in a portfolio more conservatively than many asset managers. We believe that a fixed-income position should serve as a ballast for a well-diversified portfolio, not as the sails of the ship. Read more.

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