Institutional Strategies

For institutional investors, Thornburg Investment Management provides a series of separately managed account strategies and commingled funds that employ the same fundamental research philosophy guiding Thornburg’s portfolios since 1984.

To build close relationships with clients and advisors, a service program has been developed that keeps both informed of investment progress. All strategies, to varying degrees, can be tailored to an investor’s individual needs. A team of professionals within the institutional group communicates with the portfolio management teams to help ensure we’re working to meet our clients’ investment objectives.


  • Investment Income Builder
  • Global Quality Dividend
  • Global Opportunities
  • Equity Income Builder
  • International Equity
  • Ultra Focused International Equity
  • International ADR
  • International Equity ESG
  • International Growth
  • International Growth ADR
  • Developing World
  • Emerging Market ADR
  • U.S. Equity
  • All Cap Growth


  • Low Duration Income
  • Limited Term U.S. Government
  • Limited Term Income
  • Multisector Opportunistic
  • Short Duration Municipal
  • Limited Term Municipal
  • Intermediate Term Municipal
  • Strategic Municipal Income


  • Long/Short Equity
Important Information