Thornburg Investment Campus

The Thornburg campus combines superior environmental technologies with the architecture of Legorreta + Legorreta to create a tour de force of environmental sustainable practices.

Nestled among a natural landscape on seven acres, the expansive building consists of three interconnected sections with a combined 100,000 square feet of office space, two courtyards, and three rooftop gardens.

The integration of architecture and advanced environmental technologies sets the Thornburg campus in a class of its own. Designed by architects Legorreta + Legorreta and collaborating architects Dekker/Perich/Sabatini (D/P/S), and built by Klinger Constructors, the Thornburg campus is tiered down a sloping hillside facing the Sangre de Cristo mountains, successfully maximizing the challenging site space, while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.  The surrounding landscape shields the parking area and preserves the natural look of the site.

The campus received a LEED Gold certification from the United States Green Building Council. Many of the LEED features surpass industry standards for air quality, daylight control and water and energy conservation. Exterior treatments such as the planted rooftop gardens and the pervious gravel-pave system for the parking area are also unique.

At every turn, from choosing construction materials to office equipment, the Thornburg campus conserves energy and water while providing a productive and environmentally friendly work environment.  The building was designed to be an employee-friendly work environment, making employees part of the environmental design features. Carefully chosen paints and carpets, as well as other environmentally friendly materials that produce very little off-gassing, ensure that air is cleaner than typical indoor spaces.  Large windows and skylights provide natural lighting for work spaces, reducing the need for standard fluorescent lighting. Indicator lights tell employees ideal times to open and close windows to enhance their workspace.

“Our people are happier and more productive when they have a beautiful and healthy work environment,” said Garrett Thornburg. “The LEED features throughout the campus work perfectly to make each work space comfortable. In addition to designing the campus with our employees in mind, we also designed it to be an example for the Santa Fe community of energy and water efficient design.”

LEED Features

  • 50,000 gallon underground cistern
  • Low-flow showers
  • Low-flow lavatory fixtures
  • Under-floor plenum
  • R-30 continuous roof insulation
  • Reflective roof membrane
  • Roof gardens
  • Direct and indirect evaporative cooling systems
  • Two natural gas-fired high-efficiency condensing boilers
  • T5 and T5HO fluorescent lamps
  • Light indicators for operable windows
  • Low-emitting paints
  • Low-emitting adhesives
  • Low-emitting wood products
  • Low-emitting furniture
  • Carpool parking